You are working hard to make your business success. Results that matter for your business. Having an online store does not guarantee more sales. From design to user experience to marketing, we make sure your site works in tandem with your other business efforts to convert mere visitors into loyal customers.

TFS approach towards an e-commerce solution is different
We do -

Understand Customer

How much customer is engaged with your brand, product or store.

Set Goals

Identify whether your company's first opportunity is to cross-sell or upsell, and set goals accordingly.

Identify Relevent Methods

Analyze your customer data for insights about what types of products tend to get purchased together and which customers tend to buy premium products.


Starting simple in a single channel, or focusing on a single segment and find what works and what not.

Optimize And Execute

Once a business has identified tactics that work — for example, weekend BIG SALE — it’s essential to ensure that metrics are being refreshed continuously and are integrated directly with marketing tools & techniques.

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